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At last, a real Artists' Home for rent, on the Beach, in BALI

Villa Mikelanjelo

Our Tree-Temple
When years ago ,on this volcanic sand beach , which still show its wide character, we discover, this fabulous temple under his giant tree, as” Paul Gauguin ”, we fall in love of the place ,and then install our residence .

BALI “the island of the gods” is spiritual and mysterious, where you will
live outdoor by the sea, the whole year round.
The Balinese devote an enormous amount of time to offerings and prayers dedicated to their gods and other divinities.
Ceremonies, rites and feasts are part of everyday life. The Balinese attach great importance to rites such as the filing of teeth, weddings and cremations which are the occasion of magnificent processions.
On the subject of religion, Bali is the only Hindu island in the country of Indonesia. The Balinese are well known for their love of the arts:
each yadnya or sacred Hindu ritual is followed by a show combining all forms of artistic performance – dance, music, songs, paintings,–
to entertain the audience or those who have taken part in sacred rituals.
Island of the Gods
Island of A Thousand Temples
Island of Paradise


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